Victoria Mouse


I used to day dream. I still do. I created all sorts of characters in my mind; a horse called Silvertail, fairies at the end of the garden, a witch living in a ditch. Now I write stories about them too.

Brought up in Hertfordshire, I currently split my time between London and Devon with my two rescue dogs, Chilli and Lucy, who provide me with much of the inspiration for the doggie stories. When they aren’t keeping me busy playing ball or stroking their tummies, they are great listeners when I read the stories out loud.

My favourite kind of day consists of taking them on a long country walk, whether through the woods or open moorland it doesn’t matter. I do my best thinking when I’m walking and often find solutions to problems or storylines when strolling in the fresh air.

I created Victoria Mouse to introduce children to different areas of London, suggesting possible days out and encouraging conversations to follow. Victoria has a heart of gold, but always manages to get herself into a spot of bother, not unlike myself and many other children I know.

The Chilli and Pickles stories are based on my own dogs, Chilli and Lucy, who provide me with no end of inspiration.

I love going to new places and getting new ideas. I think myself very lucky to be able to combine two of my favourite things – animals and writing.


  1. I love elephants – I once volunteered to work with rescued elephants who had been treated badly. It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.
  2. Sunflowers always cheer me up
  3. I don’t like wearing socks with holes in them
  4. I still have my first teddy. He was going to be called Barnaby but was eventually called Little Ted, a name that has stayed with him to this day.
  5. I adore the Winnie the Pooh stories ( I like Eeyore in particular)
  6. I like sprouts and Hula Hoops (not together though)
  7. I like making snowmen and throwing snowballs
  8. I drink my coffee out the same mug each morning (I do wash it in between)
  9. I love looking up at the stars on a clear night and always get excited when I see the plough
  10. I like chocolate (Big Time!)


Chilli & Lucy

Chilli and Lucy (aka Pickles) were both rescued from bad starts in life. Chilli was saved from the pound and Lucy was saved from the shed that she had been locked in for the first five months of her life. Both were scared when we got them, but after much love and patience (on both sides) they have become the most beautiful companions. Chilli likes nothing more than having cuddles on the sofa and Lucy likes bouncing (Tigger style). There are so many unwanted animals taken to rescue centres each year, not all of them make it. Chilli and Lucy are two of the lucky ones.