Victoria Mouse

Hearing from readers

Reading the Victoria Mouse books

One of the loveliest things about writing books is hearing from readers who enjoy your stories. I have selected some of the pictures I’ve been sent to share with you. Two young readers, Kitty and Willow (above) are holding their favourite Victoria Mouse books.

I’d love to see your pictures too, so please do e-mail them across to me.

Bedtime reading

A bit of bedtime reading. Victoria is one of this little boys favourite characters and he wants to go to the places she visits in the stories. Encouraging children to explore new places was part of my inspiration for writing these books, so I was delighted to hear this. The books are designed to engage children and introduce them to different parts of London.

Fan mail

Chilli and Pickles fan mail. It does amuse me when the dogs get more post than I do! I particularly like the fact the person drew a blue collar so I would know which dog they it was.

A bit of breakfast reading

Reading ‘Chilli and Pickles out fox the Fox’ over cornflakes. This little boy always wanted a Chilli & Pickles story before nursery. This was apparently his favourite out of the three books.

A new type of advent calendar

This picture was sent to me by a creative, inspired parent. They decided to devise a new type of advent calendar, which involved a treasure hunt instead of opening a more traditional calendar. Each day they gave the child a clue to where a gift was hidden. The present/surprise for day one was ‘Chilli & Pickles save Christmas,’ then the book itself was used as a clue for day four. Such a great idea.

Please keep the pictures coming. They always put a smile on my face.