Victoria Mouse

Victoria’s Visits around London

Victoria’s Visits

Victoria’s adventures are designed to inspire children and parents to explore different places in London. It’s part of what makes the Victoria Mouse stories unique.


London is full of exciting places to visit. It doesn’t matter if it is a sunny summer afternoon or a cold wet winter day as there is always something for children to do in this vibrant city. Victoria’s adventures take her to many new places, all of which are open and accessible to children.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

Shakespeare’s Globe Exhibition & Tour offers an opportunity for families and children to learn more about Shakespeare and the theatre for which he wrote. Live demonstrations take place throughout the day. Globe Education also holds regular events created especially for young people. Here Shakespeare’s stories are brought to life for the whole family. In addition, there are often great storytelling events in school holidays.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace has family tours around the Royal Mews, where Gerald the horse lives. These tours are the perfect way for families of all ages to find out what the life of a royal horse is like. Discover the secrets of the carriages. Learn how to decode the meanings of the coach decorations. Tours last approximately half an hour and are a great insight into the story behind these working stables. You can have a go at tacking up a carved wooden pony (just as the horses are tacked up before a royal procession). Finally, why not try on a coachman’s livery or take a photograph in the Royal carriage?

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament

The Houses of Parliament run short and thought-provoking guided tours aimed at children aged 7 to 12 visiting with adults. All children go free. Seasonal stories and optional activities for kids are added during the year.

The Great Outdoors

Furthermore, there is also plenty to do outside. Why not take a walk along the Thames on the Bankside path that Victoria scurries along on her visit to the Globe Theatre? You will have a great view of the Globe’s Groundling Gates and can try to identify the animals on there. Can you find the mermaid? The mouse? The mole? The butterfly and the rat? From here you can walk past the Tate Modern (which is worth a visit as the majority of it is free to look around) towards the London Eye and the London Aquarium. In addition you can look across the river and see the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. It’s a beautiful view.

Here are some links to the places Victoria visits:

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Enjoy exploring London.  There is so much to see!